Hello, I am Marco.
I had the fortune of being born in the land of the beloved sun and colorful walls (Maracaibo, Venezuela, 1985). Since my childhood, I have enjoyed the plastic and dramatic arts: I painted, drew, produced, directed and acted since I was 14 years old. Over the years, my vocation and passion for the arts and graphic communications became more evident, so much so that I graduated as a Graphic Designer at the University of Zulia. I made advertising campaigns such as Mercedes Benz's "E de elegancia" and Colgate-Palmolive's "Estrellas para el cielo"; I worked at Grupo Últimas Noticias, where I was in charge of making infographics and I won the 2010 Best Infographic Award.

I moved to Miami; looking forward to finding new projects that would allow me to test my talent and also to nourish myself from those experiences. I tested my creativity and production skills working for the globally recognized Hispanic campaign Got Milk?, I held the same position with the Miami City Ballet; I also had the opportunity to be the art director for Simply Healthcare and Tenet Health (Coral Gables, Palmetto and Hialeah). I have designed the duty-free magazines for Delta Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines (in Mandarin, Spanish, and English). I lead the creative direction and UX design of the iPad App for Visit Florida "Tourism Guide" in 5 languages. At the moment I do brand strategies, creative direction and digital media purchases for the first Latin-American photography contest: Reto Mestizo 2016.

Apart from dedicating part of my professional career to the world of advertising and entertaining industry, I have also made my way into the visual arts. I love to paint as therapy because through my paintings I am free. I can abstract from reality and give myself completely freedom to the work. While some executives seek to relax with a glass of wine or whiskey, I do it with acrylics and a canvas. In August 2016, I was selected by a Venezuelan producer who used my life story and paintings as a source of inspiration for the play, “Sala Marco Caridad” which premiered in Miami in 2016. In January 2017, my latest works will be exhibited in Gallery Galleon, in Vieques, Puerto Rico. This is a magical place to me, there is where I go every year to reconnect with the universe and myself. This time it will be the perfect excuse to celebrate that I will be receiving a Masters Degree in Design and Media Management from the Miami International  University of Art and Design!

Thank you for reading my story, I would like to know yours!
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