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Throughout my life I have had to face various obstacles in order to get to where I am today; many of these challenges I have been able to overcome with the help of wonderful people: some who I have known all along (family, friends ...), others, just appeared at the right time - some of them I have never seen again - and kindly offered me your help; regardless if I only saw them once or if I see them daily, these people are my angels and to thank them I use what for me is the best language: Art.


"My Surreal Angels" are surrealistic portraits in which I try to demonstrate how important these angels have been to me. The real challenge in these pieces is to capture the essence of each one, that's why I try to highlight their eyes very well - it's a key point in the painting - I also focus a lot on their facial features, I make them big heads because I'm inspired by theater masks , Which represent the personality of each angel and try to choose the colors that best match their personality.




2017 | Miami, U.S.

Pinch Kitchen


2016 | Kendall, U.S. (Performance Included)

Artefactus Project, "Sala Marco Caridad"


2012 | Miami, U.S.

Pizzeria Factory


2011 | Coral Gables, U.S.

Coral Gables Senior High

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2017 | Miami, U.S.

El Portal Art Fair


2017 | Vieques, Puerto Rico

Gallery Galleon, "Beyond Rainbow"


2014 | Key Biscayne, U.S.

Key Biscayne Gallery Night


2014 | Miami, U.S.

Eleazar Delgado Studio, The Miami Mixer “Freedom.”


2014 | Coral Gables, U.S.

US Century Bank


2013 | Miami, U.S. (Photography)

Koubek Center, Miami Dade College


2012 | Miami, U.S.

Wynwood Walls, The Eclectic Art Movement


2012 | Miami, U.S.

Koubek Center, Miami Dade College


2012 | Miami, U.S. (Performance Included)

Brickell Art Walk


2011 | Miami, U.S.

Brickell Art Walk


2006 | Maracaibo, Venezuela

The University of Zulia, Professors Club


2004 | Maracaibo, Venezuela

Neptalí Rincón Fine Art School


2003 | Maracaibo, Venezuela

Neptalí Rincón Fine Art School


2002 | Maracaibo, Venezuela

Neptalí Rincón Fine Art School


2000 | Maracaibo, Venezuela

Hotel Kristoff, Niños Artistas Plásticos de Venezuela




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